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April 30th, 2009
Funny name - Pretty plant

Funny name - Pretty plant

While you are out and about the plant sellers this spring you might run across this lovely little shade lover.  Lungwort may sound like a ghastly disease, but as you can see it’s a lovely plant.  It thrives and persists in full shade and spreads slowly (that is it does NOT become invasive) – those pretty little (1/2″) pink and blue flowers are one of the first harbingers of spring, and the silver/green foliage looks good all summer long.  Lungwort will thrive right along side your hostas and elephant ears.  Ours is probably 15 years old and requires no care at all, and can be divided yearly if wanted.

Using Day Lillies in the Landscape

September 11th, 2008

Day Lily
Creative Commons License photo credit: audreyjm529

Donna, I have day lilies that I have been nurturing in the garden for a few years to multiply, now I’m ready to transplant them into the landscape. My question is this – 90% of the time they are foliage at best, and ratty foliage at worst so I Don’t really want them to be the dominant plants in a big area. How do I place them so that they can be seen when they are in bloom but not be unattractive the rest of the time? » Read more: Using Day Lillies in the Landscape

Fall Means Daffodil Planting!

October 12th, 2007

Daffodils on the University of Nottingham campus

Finally! At last! Autumn has arrived in East Central Mississippi! I know my brother, David, is enjoying the spectacular fall color in his central Tennessee home. I try not to think about that too much, and just enjoy being able to get outside without worrying about heat stroke. Besides, our color will show up in about another month. For now, I am grateful for temps in the eighties.

So…I’m celebrating fall by thinking…spring. The early spring garden relies heavily on flowering shrubs (azaleas, especially), cool season annuals like pansies, and bulbs. There are very few perennials that get blooming much before April, at least not here in the deep south. This makes me even more aware of the importance of bulbs, not to mention how early some of them get going! I get very, very hungry for flowers once Christmas is over. And nothing satisfies that hunger like Daffodils. » Read more: Fall Means Daffodil Planting!