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While perusing some of the comments that we’ve been blessed with lately I checked into some of the blogs and other web sites that our readers have…

Chris at  – Urban Horticulture has  some great gardening how to articles, and a beautiful site with lots of photos and video content.  His article on Brown Turkey fig trees caught my eye.   I’m thinking of trying some container fruit trees now that I have a greenhouse which I can use to protect them from our notorious late spring frosts.

Dave at  The Home Garden is another Tennessee gardener who blogs on his pastime.  Lately he’s done some good posts on propagation – free plants, you gotta love that.

Cheryl blogs with plenty of photos on her gardening experiences at Cheryl’s Garden Goodies . Her friendly writing style and replies to comments are something that I really enjoy as a visitor.

Andrew at  – Garden Hacker – reports on his garden experiments and links out to other interesting/experimental garden sites.

Bill comments on sustainability and environmental issues at his Recycle blog – just another voice crying out in the wilderness, but maybe if enough of us get on our soapbox our leaders will realize our concern isn’t just a fad.

Dave’s Workout has great articles on Health, fitness, and nutrition as well as healthy / vegetarian cooking. Don’t be intimidated by the sign up form on the home page you can just click on the articles without all that if you want.

Merry Christmas!


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