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While I’ve recently been hard at work on some new gardening stuff for your enjoyment, I don’t quite have any of that ready to post just yet. So, instead I’m going to reveal an extremely useful tidbit of top secret garden blogger information.

How to find Authoritative, Accurate Gardening Information – Fast

The problem with the internet is that anyone can post anything about any subject (me for example) whether they know what they are talking about or not.  For example if you Google for “Home Garden” you get 151 million results – most of which are trying to sell you something.  Finding the really good stuff is like looking for the proverbial needle.

Fortunately if you know how to ask, Google will filter out all of the retailers and amateur bloggers for you. Here’s how – type this into Google search – home garden – This time you get 364 thousand results, but almost all of them are articles and publications that are written by agriculture professors and graduate students at American universities. This is a treasure trove of Reliable information, and you can use this type of search for any subject:

Here’s how it works: tells Google to confine the results to only those that are found on sites ending with .edu – colleges and universities – the rest of the search string is whatever you are searching for.  You could also use the site: advanced search command to search within a single internet site if you wanted to.  If you’re interested you can learn more about this by clicking on “Advanced Search” to the right of the search box on the Google main page.

Now you don’t need me.  I hope this is helpful.

Update: Google has a program which allows you to define custom search engines.  I’ve recently put one together which searches only within a list of the top 25 or so agricultural universities for your home gardening questions.  You can find it on our Gardening Information Resources page.

Happy Gardening.


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